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The contract brewery
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A contract brewery is usually hired by a thrid party company to produce its beer or to produce additional beer. The contract brewing company handles marketing, sales, and distribution of its beer, while generally leaving the brewing and packaging to its producer-brewery (which, confusingly, is also sometimes referred to as a contract brewery).
Shipyard Brewing Co - Shipyard Brewing Company is an American brewery founded in 1994 by Alan Pugsley in Portland, Maine. Shipyard was first brewed in 1992 by Pugsley and Fred Forsley. Initially, the beer was brewed at the Kennebunkport Brewing Company in Kennebunk, Maine, one of the state's original breweries. Within two years, demand for Shipyard's product outpaced the capacity of the small facility at Kennebunk, and in 1994, Forsley and Pugsley opened the Shipyard Brewing Company in Portland. Shipyard operates several restaurants and contract breweries, and is active in many community projects around New England. Shipyard is partners with the Sea Dog Brewing Company and Casco Bay Brewing Company. Shipyard also produces beer under contract for Gritty McDuff's Brewing Company. Shipyard Brewing Co., led by old school beer revolutionary Alan Pugsley, is a lead contract brewer in New England. Each brand under the umbrella has a very unique relationship with Pugsley and Shipyard.

Indian Wells Brewing Company - The Indian Wells Brewing Co. operates a high speed Prospero filler with front end rinser/sanitizer and Kosme paper/glue labeler. We also flash pasturize all of our bottled beer to guarantee a stable, long shelf life. The Indian Wells Brewing Co. also bottled beer under contract for other breweries, restaurants, bars and clubs and private label. Indian Wells Brewing Co.’s Canadian “brewhouse” from Newlands is a 25-barrel system that has the ability to brew 150 kegs in a typical brew cycle of 24 hours. Indian Wells Brewing Co. also has a bank of smaller 25-barrel uni-tanks for custom beers or contact beers.

Sand Creek Brewing Company - Sand Creek Brewing Co., home of award-winning microbrews available throughout Wisconsin. The Sand Creek Brewing Company is located in west central Wisconsin, just a short distance from the river in beautiful Black River country. Our historic brewery building was built in 1856 and was home to one of the area's first breweries right up until Prohibition in 1920.

Pabst Brewing Co, Woodridge IL - Pabst Brewing Company is an American company that dates its origins to a brewing company founded in 1844 by Jacob Best and by 1889 named after Frederick Pabst. It is currently the holding company contracting for the brewing of over two dozen brands of beer and malt liquor from defunct companies including G. Heileman Brewing Company, Lone Star Brewing Company, Narragansett Brewing Company, Pearl Brewing Company, Piels Bros., Primo Brewing & Malting Company, Rainier Brewing Company, F & M Schaefer Brewing Company, Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company, and Stroh Brewery Company.

Genesee Brewing Company, Rochester NY - Genesee Brewing Company is an American brewery located along the Genesee River in Rochester, New York. From 2000 to 2009, the company was known as the High Falls Brewing Company. Genesee brews for both the Narragansett Brewing Company and the Boston Beer Company, maker of Samuel Adams beers. The High Falls Brewing Co. of Rochester, NY has reportedly signed a multiyear contract to continue brewing Samuel Adams beer on a contract basis for Boston Beer Company. High Falls Brewing Co., and its corporate predecessor, the Genesee Brewing Company, have been brewing Samuel Adams Boston Lager under contract for over ten years.

Lion Brewery - Lion Brewery, Inc, located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania is one of the oldest breweries still in operation within Pennsylvania. Its beers and sodas are sold in Pennsylvania and neighboring states. Lion Brewery contract brews beer for New Century Brewing Co in Boston MA,New Century makes two beers, Edison, is a 4% ABV light lager sold in clear bottles and Moonshot ‘69 a caffeine infused golden lager.

Stevens Point Brewery Co - From the first batch of beer Frank Wahle and George Ruder brewed at the Stevens Point Brewery in 1857 to today, the recipe for a quality beer has included generous quantities of nature's finest ingredients and has allowed plenty of time for a slow, natural aging. Today's master brewer, John Zappa, continues to follow a time-honored tradition that gives Point Beer its legendary taste. The Stevens Point Brewery is steeped in a history that has transcended the trials of the Civil War, the Great Depression and Prohibition. More than 150 years later, the Stevens Point Brewery continues to successfully brew quality beer, just as the brewery's founders, Frank Wahle and George Ruder, did in 1857. This undeniable endurance is a testament of why the Stevens Point Brewery, in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, is the 5th oldest continuously operating brewery remaining in the United States. Today, the Stevens Point Brewery is proud to be Wisconsin-owned and independently operated. Stevens Point Brewery contract brews for a number of companies including Capital Brewery in Middleton, WI.

City Brewing Company - City Brewing Company in LaCrosse, WI is a contract brewery. City Brewing Company is a premier, state-of-the-art beverage production and packaging company located in La Crosse, WI. Our facility has been transformed from a historical brewery into a facility capable of manufacturing and packaging beers, teas, soft drinks, energy drinks and other new age beverages. City Brewing's packaging capacity of over 50 million cases makes them one of the largest beverage producers in the country. In addition to their own beers, City has been contracted to brew Smirnoff Ice, Mike's Hard Lemonade, Pabst, Rolling Rock, and Sam Adams - among numerous others. Recently, however, the brewery itself has become a "pure" contract brewery. City Brewing Company sold off its own brands to a local group that will take over marketing and distribution; though City Brewery will continue to brew them. With all of that said, City's products have fairly high availability across the state.

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